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A Year For You

25 - 26 November 2023

Take care of your soul with Charlie Stevens and Marianne Gabriel

A Year For You

What we continue to discover and excites us is how soulful movement practice and systemic constellations create the possibility of a widening field. Other supportive practices we use that can develop the qualities of the heart are, chanting, soul dance, and meditation.

 We will explore deeply together such questions as:- 

  • What matters?

  • What do I care about?

  • What resources me?

  • What gets in the way?

  • What is it that’s whispering?

  • What am I practicing?

  • What am I good at?

  • What am I grieving?

  • What am I curious about? 

A quote from Marianne about her work.         

 We’re invited to sense and feel into all the body parts awakening to the wisdom of body-mind. To let go into the simplicity of the next out-breath, awaiting the new life of in-breath, pausing and restoring in stillness. There’s a slowing down, softening our bodies hearts and minds, retrieving the kinesthetic delight of being in our own skin.

 Moving is a powerful way of cultivating awareness of ourselves, each other and our environment. We learn to let our movement unfold from Source . Soon a dance emerges, our sacred dance, a calling to an ancient form of prayer and offering, returning us to a heart-embodied space for ourselves and each other. We move with a combination of silence, music and sound.Out of our movement we find ways to language our inner experience in writing and art and ritual.'

And one from Charlie

' I and many others have found that Constellations can be used not only to see the effects and possible resolution of hidden family dynamics but also to explore issues such as the systemic causes of illness, the blockages in business development, your relationship to money or those people with whom you struggle. Often this becomes a kind of sacred ritual. There are many applications of this most powerful method. This way of working combined with group and individual process work creates new possibilities in the neurobiological circuits and therefore our daily lives.

Systemic Connection

“I am convinced that Constellation Work, with its systemic worldview and the gift of the opportunity to stand as a representative in a constellation, is one of the most relevant and important tools to support us as we navigate our evolution into our future. I've had the felt experience of being guided to unexpected resolutions by some unseen hand, of knowing that we are all parts of a larger whole, of knowing that we are.not individuals, but rather human systems of relating, of knowing that the Here & Now contains both the past and the future, undivided. Entanglements can be undone.

Love can prevail."

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